10 high-converting lead generation CTAs, crafted by ConvertFlow customers

Generating leads is the #1 way marketers are using ConvertFlow on their website.

But what makes generating leads with ConvertFlow more powerful than with any other lead generation tool?

Here are a few examples:

  • You can target visitors on your website based on their activity on your website and what you know about them, including data you have on them in your email marketing tool
  • You can dynamically display different calls-to-action to different visitors based on where they are in your funnel
  • You can increase conversions with multi-step calls-to-action that allow you to profile and collect data from your visitors across multiple steps
  • You can segment visitors based on button click and conditionally show them a relevant next step in your calls-to-action
  • You can use automation queues to run automations on new leads in your email marketing tool based on which buttons people clicked before they became contacts

And much more!

In this post, you’re going to see 10 excellent lead generation calls-to-action crafted by ConvertFlow customers. Hopefully, these ideas will get your “creative conversion” juices flowing 🙂


1. Ad Template Guide by CreateTheBridge.com

WEBSITE: http://www.createthebridge.com

What stands out: 
A beautifully-designed lead magnet that shares marketing resources used by this company, such as their ad templates. Sharing valuable resources or tools that have worked for you and can save time for others is a great offer to generate new leads.

2. Drip Email Template by DripEmailTemplates.com

WEBSITE: http://dripemailtemplates.com

What stands out:
Great design and an excellent lead magnet. People buy design, and love it when you save them the hard work of designing and/or hiring a developer. This is exactly what DripEmailTemplates.com has done with this free email template.

3. $10 Discount by TheBurgerBach.com

WEBSITE: http://theburgerbach.com

What stands out:
Offering a discount on a visitor’s next meal is a perfect offer for a restaurant looking to convert website visitors into in-person customers, and even turn a lead into one or more new customers. Why? Well because everybody knows that people almost always bring their friends and family when they dine at restaurants.

4. Free Buyers Worksheet by RVingPlanet.com

WEBSITE: http://rvingplanet.com

What stands out:
For potential buyers of a product, service, or in this case, RVs, a buyer’s guide is a great way to deliver lots of value to visitors while educating them on how to make the best buying decision. Of course, this also moves newly generated leads to take the next step with your company.

5. Self-Improvement Tips by JamesClear.com

WEBSITE: http://jamesclear.com

What stands out:
For bloggers and websites that are educating their audience via content marketing. Sites can offer ongoing tips and a way for readers to get notified of when new content is released. Without a doubt, this is an excellent way to build an online audience that is in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey.

6. Digital Magazine by WildWomenExpeditions.com

WEBSITE: http://wildwomenexpeditions.com

What stands out:
This CTA’s clean and clear design allows visitors to focus on the offer being made and effectively directs the visitor’s attention to the call-to-action button. Wild Women Expeditions did an excellent job packaging their lead magnet as a valuable resource, while providing a clear offer, and creating a great user experience.

7. Free Ebook by EwanBramley.com

WEBSITE: http://ewanbramley.com

What stands out:
For visitors looking to make a buying decision, but who still require more information before pulling the trigger, Ewan’s CTA copy promoting their ebook, clearly communicates that visitors will receive all the information they need to move forward with their decision. To gain access to this centralized content, all they need to do is to enter their email. Well done EwanBramley.com! You guys created a low-friction way to drive new leads.

8. Crash Course by BetOnYourself.com

WEBSITE: http://betonyourself.com

What stands out:
It’s easy to see that Bet on Yourself really knows their audience. Their CTA crafted in ConvertFlow delivers a clear and concise message in a 1-line headline and subheadline (which, for anyone who has tried, knows that it is harder to achieve than it looks!). Also, it’s important to note that their button copy communicates immediate value to the visitor without looking hypey, and without creating a bad user experience.

9. Mailing List by ModusWines.com

WEBSITE: http://moduswines.com

What stands out:
Through their well-written copy, Modus Wines creates scarcity and urgency in an elegant way for a classy audience. It’s exciting to see smart marketers at the Modus Wines team using exit overlays (a more aggressive conversion tactic) to collect potential customers, without disrupting their browsing experience on the site.

10. Free Demo by PageMutant.com

WEBSITE: http://pagemutant.com

What stands out:
Offering a private demo of your product or service is a proven offer that gets more potential buyers considering your services, to take the next step in your funnel. Page Mutant promotes this offer very well by deploying an exit splash overlay.

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Ethan Denney
  • Really helpful post to see what’s possible and what other marketers are doing! Thanks!